Ashville College

Planning for the future of an independent school

Project summary

  • Client: Ashville College
  • Location: Harrogate
  • Sector: Education
  • Size: Various, across estate
  • Value: £0.5 million – £8 million
  • Status: Completed


Working with the College, DLG has established a long term strategy to upgrade and modernise the existing school building stock. The first phase of completed works provides improved access and servicing as well as the upgrading and refurbishment of the existing hall and Foyer to create a space worthy of professional performance standards.

The latest phase of the works to be completed saw renovation of the theatre and learning support areas, and the creation of a new parking a pick-up area incorporating the existing Old Ashvillians war memorial, and a new Sports Centre.

Future plans include new dormitories, and the creation of a new Junior School and a Music and Art Department.