6 Reasons Passivhaus Living is Good for the Elderly

In the UK many elderly people live on a low income compared to the rest of the population. Struggling to pay their heating bills and often living in cold damp environments, the conditions are believed to contribute to the approximate 27,000 excess winter deaths each year.
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Julian Talks: Over Tiling Retail Floors

As an active member of the British Council of Shopping Centres technical affairs committee we get asked to contribute and author papers on all aspects of Shopping centre design recently I was asked to give a “heads up guidance” on over tiling
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Sarah’s Top Ten Tips for MIPIM

It was both David Bailey’s and my first time at MIPIM, and I have learnt a few things to aid survival outside the useful daily structure and impeccably good behaviour inside the Bunker.
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How to Value Placemaking

We are often asked by our clients how we can add ‘value’ on a new project….and as anyone in construction knows ‘value’ can have very different meanings to different stakeholders. To owner occupier clients it might mean an improved working environment for staff, to a planning committee it might be measured in aesthetics or the...
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Monica Win: My First 6 Months Working in an Architect’s Studio

Since starting my job as a Part I Architectural Assistant at DLG I feel like time has flown by. It wasn’t only the start of my first ‘real’ job, but I had braved moving alone to London, all within weeks of leaving university. I hadn’t done any work experience at a practice beforehand so although...
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