West London Retrofit

Retrofit & Reuse of Victorian former schoolhouse

Project summary

  • Client: Undisclosed.
  • Location: London
  • Sector: Conservation / Residential & BTR / Workplace
  • Size: 50,000sqft
  • Status: Concept.


DLG Architects were commissioned to review options for this historic, former Victorian schoolhouse in west London.

The existing building had been used for serveral years as a leisure facility and workplace, and was becoming vacant for the first time in 20years.

Our work identified a range of potential uses and approaches, and specifically considered how different uses could be accommodated within a single, extended envelope, streamlining the planning process and giving flexibility and insight in to potential values at an early project stage

Extended envelope - Workplace use.
Extended envelope - Residential use.
Typcial plan - Residential use.