Wellington Place

A wellbeing workplace within a destination masterplan

Project summary

  • Client: MEPC
  • Location: Leeds
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Sector: Workplace
  • Size: 180,000SQFT, 10 Storeys
  • Status: Concept


Wellington Place marks an important part of Leeds’ industrial history. The site was once home to Wellington Station and a confluence of goods rail-yards, the remaining wagon hoist tower of which stands in Tower Square to this day. The rail connections allowed for industrial innovation and trades to boom, such as the textile industry, which is woven in to Leeds’ cultural and built history.

The outline Masterplan for the site, developed over ten years ago, established a key framework for the future delivery of the site, including the development phasing and urban grain. Over the following ten years the masterplan has been refined and key plots have already been delivered. Block 12 forms part of the next phase of development.

We have pushed back the building line to the main east-west avenue at ground and first floor to form a covered colonnade in front of the A3 units. This is emphasized by a diagonal cut-back to the north-east corner facing toward Tower Square. This provides valuable ‘street’ frontage to the A3 units without marginalising the commercial entrance, and will help draw people through the site, making it feel well-used and populated.
As you progress up the building, key edges are ‘planed’ away to form chamfers, directing views and providing valuable private outdoor space, addition significant visual interest to the prominent corners.

At street-level a strong ‘plinth’ and colonnade would use material to introduce texture and tactility to the building and site, as could be found in textiles. The textured base would then sit in contrast with the upper floors of the building which would feature smoother, more refined finished fins. A bronze effect finish would then frame the windows, entrances and fixtures and fittings to reflect similar finishes found throughout the existing buildings – a new building sat within a family of it’s predecessors.

Concept sketch

Sustainability and Performance:

The building is designed to maximise occupant wellness and in anticipation of future inhabitant and sector demands for high-quality and flexible workplace design. The design has wellbeing embedded throughout, with the connection to outdoors, light levels, air quality, biophillia and the encouragement of activity all key elements of our approach.

Typical floor plan
North short view
East Long View