Reinventing the lobby

How intellegent design can sell spaces and enhance wellbeing

Project summary

  • Client: Various
  • Location: London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham
  • Sector: Interiors / Workplace
  • Status: Concept

Arrivals & welcomes

User wellbeing and experience is critical in lobby spaces. We are developing a number of lobby schemes for existing workplaces and commercial assets; in particular, our emphasis on providing bright, contemporary and functional common areas is critical to driving values from retrofit and refurbishment.

We believe audial comfort, lighting, biophillia – use of planting – and the intelligent selection of materials, furniture and bespoke joinery items for reception and break-out use can transform an entrance space.

We also believe the welcome a building user or visitor receives on arrival is critical to setting the tone for business users. Spaces must be impressive, but also accessible, comfortable, usable and appropriate to the building.