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Great design doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, we pride ourselves on our straight-talking approach. In collaboration with you, we’ll be flexible, tailoring our solution to meet any needs you may have, or challenges you may face. From full architectural services that include briefings, through to feasibility, completion and aftercare, as well as single point service where appropriate – we can work in a way that totally suits you.

Here you can find out a little more about some of our services and browse our projects.


Leisure destinations have evolved into focal points of our everyday lives. As such, our high streets and town centres are…


There’s never been a more exciting time for education design. Schools are embracing the need to create diverse and engaging…


Our workplace design has evolved from our intrinsic understanding that working environments have a proven part to play…


At DLG, we have handled a wide variety of residential project briefs. Our experience includes the planning and development of a wide…


Creating a sense of space is always a high point for us. Delivered well, a masterplan can transform a site, release capital, provide…


We have a specific expertise in the detailed design and master planning of many different types of retail destinations, including…


Conservation has remained a consistent part of our portfolio since we started the practice. We have a strong philosophy centred…


There are many builds for which practicality is key. Our expertise in creating spaces for storage and manufacturing; means we….


Architecture is both creative and scientific; the exploration of how a building is then perceived and used internally is a really exciting…

Sustainable Design

With each building we design, we take the time to think carefully about how it will perform, with respect to its environmental, social and economic sustainability. Our designs take into consideration site context and climate in order to create healthy well ventilated, naturally lit spaces.

In order to analyse our design proposals we use a range of tools including BIM, Passivhaus and BREEAM. We invest in an in-house, accredited Passivhaus designer who ensures that we design buildings that are, economically viable, give a return on investment and also look to add value through design.

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